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Let’s Get Real

My hopes in starting this site was to generate content and money. But if anyone knows me, they know that I am a messed up frazzled dude looking for my piece of the pie. Well, I’m not going to find my pie trying to be like all of the other “gurus” out there. I am my own man and even though I might have so much to offer in my own way I am still trying to figure some stuff out. So I am dedicating this site to myself, what I am interested in, and my plan for constant and never ending improvement. If you can draw inspiration from it then great. Please join me into my journey of self discovery and watch me get burned on the stove of life while I try to figure this out.


Keep moving forward…finding motivation

keep moving forwardIt has been some months since I have started this journey and I can’t say that I am much farther than where I have started. But this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I am still going on with the children’s book but it has been delayed due to the illustrator taking her sweet time. If I don’t get some real results soon I will cut ties and go another route. Gotta keep moving forward.

So in the meantime while waiting I am pursuing a couple of other avenues. One is more of a fun test. I started a brand of beard balm. Yes, I said beard balm. I plan on launching on Amazon as soon as I can. It’s a little more labor intensive than I would like it to be but if it is successful then I will find somebody else to make and pack it for me. I plan on having Amazon fulfill the orders for me using the Amazon FBA program. I will be pursuing some marketing avenues to get the word out before it goes live. I probably have about 3-4 weeks before it will be up on Amazon.

Another venture that I am doing is an ecommerce site that I set up selling a very niche product made on my laser cutter. I was very motivated when I started because I had never set up an ecommerce site before. It was a first attempt and it is a functional site. But after looking at it I think it is ugly and that I could do better so I will be taking efforts this week to revamp the site. I have already been getting some hits and larger orders so I think a little extra effort will pay off.

Oh! At the beginning of this journey I found a lot of motivation and guidance with Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog but I am outgrowing the information that he is dishing out and also I am finding that a lot of what he focuses on (Blogging, podcasting, digital products, and affiliate marketing) does not really apply to the direction that I am heading.

So while I was scrolling through a million of Pat’s podcasts I went back to one that I found very interesting. It was an interview with Ryan Moran of Freedom Fastlane where he spoke about how he grew his Amazon business. So I gave Ryan’s podcast a shot and I am hooked. This podcast is much more “my style” and I hope to gather more inspiration and motivation from future episodes.

So that’s it. I will try to keep up with the updates and hopefully I will have some meaty news to share soon.

Later taters!


And so it begins (Starting a Children’s Book)

Childrens BookFirst off, even though nobody is reading this I wanted to mention that I took a week or so off due to visiting Walt Disney World with my family. We had a great time and it was a great first experience for me.

So now I am back and it’s time to get my head back in the game and start focusing on getting these projects done. I keep telling myself to just focus on one project at a time but my mind does not allow that to happen. And then I suffer for it. So I am committing right here right now to focus on one thing at a time.

So what am I focusing on?

I am continuing on my children’s book. The story is done and all I needed was some nice illustrations. So over the past few weeks I have been reaching out to many illustration freelancers across the internet to get some initial illustrations done for the story that I wrote. This was harder than I thought because there are so many different types of artists out there that do so many different styles. I set myself on a style and started focusing on artists that fit within that criteria.

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Failure is not an option. But it happens….a lot.

Fail HeaderFailure. It’s getting kinda old. I have tried multiple things and I still have not seen any monetary results. But I think it has to do with my focus and impatience. I still have the children’s book cooking which I think should have some success. The idea of pitching to a publishing company is going so slow that I am just going to publish myself. But I am waiting on two illustrators to send me their sketches so I can make a decision. So while I am waiting I thought that I would come up with some other ideas to make some dollars. That did not work so good and it was a waste of my time and some money.

My mistake? I thought would take an extremely cheap PLR ebook (Private Label Rights) and then update the content and put in my own touches to make it awesome and then publish it onto the Kindle store for sale. PLR articles are ebooks or documents that you purchase and then they are totally yours to claim rights to or modify in any way that you want. They are great if you have a blog about finance and then you want to give your visitors a branded guide on finance. But to make them good you need to spend some time on them. The ebook that I modified was on learning the guitar in 7 days. It had some pretty good information in it but the layout and images were horrible looking. So I spent some time going through page by page and making it look much better. I redid every illustration and chord diagram so that they were uniform and easily read. I then went onto fiver and bought a gig to give it a face lift and much clearer layout. I then bought another fiver gig to convert it into Kindle ebook format along with a beautiful table of contents that would link you straight to that chapter of the book. It was all coming together and I thought that it was going to work. [continue reading…]


The Many Things That I Plan To Do

which direction

First off, I will be the first one to tell everybody that I am new to this. I wish I could say that I have tons and tons of internet marketing experience but I do not. That is why I did not have a opt-in box on my page until today. I am still learning WordPress and things like that are still a learning experience for me. I actually got a lot more visits to my site then I thought was possible for only having one post but unfortunately I was unable to capture any of those people so they could join me on this journey. But the issue is resolved and now it’s on to new things.

So, what am I going to do to make my money? I have been told time and time to not chase dollars but to chase pains. I am already seeing this come to fruition since the couple of things that I have done have not been easy and maybe because I am not doing it for the right reasons or because there is no audience for it yet. But alas I shall detail what is going on inside of my mind. These are the things that I am starting to take action on and hope to see some benefits from.

1) Writing a children’s book.

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Welcome to Watch Me Ignite! Here’s the introduction.

Selfie SquaredWelcome to WatchMeIgnite.com. My name is Shawn Hines and I am 37 years old and trying to make my way through this world. I, like many of you have the fire within me to be successful. This fire did not happen over night. Every time that I got the bug and thought that it was onward and upward I was abruptly derailed. I learned a long time ago the phrase “The more I know, the more I know that I know nothing” and I have been reminded of this constantly. I get excited and tell my wife “I figured it out! Life is forever changed” then I find that I have went down the wrong path and have to learn a new way.

After listening to many great speakers like Tony Robbins, Pat Flynn, and Chris Ducker I have realized that I need to stop paralyzing myself with over-analyzing things (paralysis by analysis). I tend to not want to move further until I have the absolute best path and plan already laid ahead. I have since discovered that laying down a perfect plan and then being able to execute it flawlessly on the first try is a fallacy. So I decided to go way outside of my comfort zone and try a new (for me) business concept… Action!

No matter how smart you are or how great your ideas are they will never amount to anything unless you apply action. I have found myself angry and jealous when I’ve seen people with much less skill and horrible execution making lousy products. [continue reading…]