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Failure is not an option. But it happens….a lot.

Fail HeaderFailure. It’s getting kinda old. I have tried multiple things and I still have not seen any monetary results. But I think it has to do with my focus and impatience. I still have the children’s book cooking which I think should have some success. The idea of pitching to a publishing company is going so slow that I am just going to publish myself. But I am waiting on two illustrators to send me their sketches so I can make a decision. So while I am waiting I thought that I would come up with some other ideas to make some dollars. That did not work so good and it was a waste of my time and some money.

My mistake? I thought would take an extremely cheap PLR ebook (Private Label Rights) and then update the content and put in my own touches to make it awesome and then publish it onto the Kindle store for sale. PLR articles are ebooks or documents that you purchase and then they are totally yours to claim rights to or modify in any way that you want. They are great if you have a blog about finance and then you want to give your visitors a branded guide on finance. But to make them good you need to spend some time on them. The ebook that I modified was on learning the guitar in 7 days. It had some pretty good information in it but the layout and images were horrible looking. So I spent some time going through page by page and making it look much better. I redid every illustration and chord diagram so that they were uniform and easily read. I then went onto fiver and bought a gig to give it a face lift and much clearer layout. I then bought another fiver gig to convert it into Kindle ebook format along with a beautiful table of contents that would link you straight to that chapter of the book. It was all coming together and I thought that it was going to work.

So I then logged into Amazon and started the process for setting up my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. I went through all of the setup, uploaded my book cover, and set a price. After finalizing the process I was notified that it would take about 12 hours to approve my submission. 12 hours later I get this message from Amazon:

“In order to provide a better customer buying experience, we’ve stopped accepting and selling undifferentiated or barely differentiated versions of book content previously published in the catalog even if the title, author, and other metadata for new versions may be unique.

As a result, we will not be selling the following book(s) in the Kindle store.”

Burn! This hurt. I thought I “differentiated” myself but I guess not. I replied to state my case that I had put a lot of time into updating the information but I pretty much got the same answer in reply. So I think I will put this one aside until I get a lot more time to add more content and make it more original.  So I think this is a good reminder that I need to have patience and concentrate on the “winner” projects that I have before me.


Mistake #2:

I told people that I was going to be putting a book up onto the Kindle store. Now I look like an idiot. It’s like telling people that you are going to lose 40 pounds in the next 2 months and then they give you that “look” 60 days later wondering where your results are.

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