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Welcome to Watch Me Ignite! Here’s the introduction.

Selfie SquaredWelcome to WatchMeIgnite.com. My name is Shawn Hines and I am 37 years old and trying to make my way through this world. I, like many of you have the fire within me to be successful. This fire did not happen over night. Every time that I got the bug and thought that it was onward and upward I was abruptly derailed. I learned a long time ago the phrase “The more I know, the more I know that I know nothing” and I have been reminded of this constantly. I get excited and tell my wife “I figured it out! Life is forever changed” then I find that I have went down the wrong path and have to learn a new way.

After listening to many great speakers like Tony Robbins, Pat Flynn, and Chris Ducker I have realized that I need to stop paralyzing myself with over-analyzing things (paralysis by analysis). I tend to not want to move further until I have the absolute best path and plan already laid ahead. I have since discovered that laying down a perfect plan and then being able to execute it flawlessly on the first try is a fallacy. So I decided to go way outside of my comfort zone and try a new (for me) business concept… Action!

No matter how smart you are or how great your ideas are they will never amount to anything unless you apply action. I have found myself angry and jealous when I’ve seen people with much less skill and horrible execution making lousy products. Then I started to appreciate the person behind the mess. Because they didn’t stand paralyzed, they just did it. And perhaps they will refine later. And that is the way it should be.

If I wait for my idea to be perfect then it will never be born. I have had a lot of ideas that I think could have made me a lot of money if I would have just went for it and kept moving forward. A fine example is many, many years ago when I suggested to my wife that I thought it would be cool to put sleeves on a blanket so I could use the remote and eat while covered up. I laugh and cry a little every time I think about it. But I must keep moving forward.

So over the past year I have been sitting on some ideas and I think it is time to apply some action to them. If I don’t then somebody else will.

Before I begin with the concept of this site/blog I want to give credit where credit is due.  I found myself wandering around and getting lost on the internet and found a new world that I have never seen before, affiliate marketing. This opened my eyes again to new possibilities and avenues for making money. So I explored the subject and explored some more. It was unbelievable how many cruddy people are out there pushing horrible ideas that produce no results. I have seen my fair share of skinny punks wearing a sport coat over their white t-shirts and filming at their uncles mansion telling me that if I buy their system I can have the life that they have. When I thought all was lost I stumbled into Pat Flynn’s website (SmartPassiveIncome.com), I felt like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption when he crawled through a river of s#!t and came out clean on the other side. Pat was transparent and showed his successes and failures for all to see. He even shows everyone how much money he has made and exactly what he did to make it. This was because he allows himself to be a crash test dummy and show his audience how to and how not to do it.  This was a great inspiration for me to start this site/blog. I do not want to copy what he is doing but I do use him as a model of success. So this paragraph is dedicated to you Pat. Thank you for the inspiration.

I probably should have started with this but it will fit just as well at the end. This blog is Watch Me Ignite. It is where ideas are ignited by action. This is not just for me to do things while you watch. I want you to join me in my quest for success. Your ideas will never move until we apply action.. Soon I will start posting some of my current projects and ideas as well as some more background information on who I am.

If you have read this far I cannot describe how thankful I am that you are choosing to spend this time with me. Please make sure to come back and follow the progress and take part in the discussion. Ignite on my friends!



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