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Keep moving forward…finding motivation

keep moving forwardIt has been some months since I have started this journey and I can’t say that I am much farther than where I have started. But this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I am still going on with the children’s book but it has been delayed due to the illustrator taking her sweet time. If I don’t get some real results soon I will cut ties and go another route. Gotta keep moving forward.

So in the meantime while waiting I am pursuing a couple of other avenues. One is more of a fun test. I started a brand of beard balm. Yes, I said beard balm. I plan on launching on Amazon as soon as I can. It’s a little more labor intensive than I would like it to be but if it is successful then I will find somebody else to make and pack it for me. I plan on having Amazon fulfill the orders for me using the Amazon FBA program. I will be pursuing some marketing avenues to get the word out before it goes live. I probably have about 3-4 weeks before it will be up on Amazon.

Another venture that I am doing is an ecommerce site that I set up selling a very niche product made on my laser cutter. I was very motivated when I started because I had never set up an ecommerce site before. It was a first attempt and it is a functional site. But after looking at it I think it is ugly and that I could do better so I will be taking efforts this week to revamp the site. I have already been getting some hits and larger orders so I think a little extra effort will pay off.

Oh! At the beginning of this journey I found a lot of motivation and guidance with Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog but I am outgrowing the information that he is dishing out and also I am finding that a lot of what he focuses on (Blogging, podcasting, digital products, and affiliate marketing) does not really apply to the direction that I am heading.

So while I was scrolling through a million of Pat’s podcasts I went back to one that I found very interesting. It was an interview with Ryan Moran of Freedom Fastlane where he spoke about how he grew his Amazon business. So I gave Ryan’s podcast a shot and I am hooked. This podcast is much more “my style” and I hope to gather more inspiration and motivation from future episodes.

So that’s it. I will try to keep up with the updates and hopefully I will have some meaty news to share soon.

Later taters!

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