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Just a quick post. A couple of years ago a friend let me borrow the book “How to think like Leonardo DaVinci” By Michael Gelb and it helped start me on my path to personal discovery. After that I became consumed with Leonardo and his attitude and way of life. I was inspired so much that me and my wife decided to give our son Kingston the middle name Leonardo. The dude was massively enlightened in a time where it wasn’t encouraged. This book also led me down the path of self education and allowed me to drop the stigma of not having a formal education. So fast forward a few years later and my brother Don got me the audiobook  “The Spirit of Leonardo: Seven Steps to Self-Realization from History’s Greatest Genius” by the same author, Michael Gelb. This book blew me away and filled in all of the knowledge gaps that were left by the previous book. One thing that stuck with me was the topic of responsibility. Gelb speaks of how Leonardo remained 100% responsible for his words, thoughts, and actions. Keep in mind that he was sponsored by the church and if you did or said anything that wasn’t what the church wanted to you to do, say, or even think you were probably gonna die in a horrible way. Leonardo didn’t really give any poops because this was his life and if he was confronted about it he would not back down or change his stance or opinion.

So that leads me to my final point. The author speaks that Leonardo lived like he had a meter or a gauge on his chest that had a needle pointing to 100% and below it read responsibility. So no matter what he did or said he always took 100% responsibility for it. And that’s how we should live so we can drop the victim mentality whereby we are always subject to outward experiences to control us and give us a reason to not move forward. He even gave an example of a man that said “That’s great and all but my wife left me for no reason…I’m angry about it…and it’s not my fault”. Gelb’s response to it was “You need to tell yourself, I picked the wrong woman”. Until we take full responsibility we will continue to be immobile and continue to blame outside circumstances for our own failures.

This has inspired me to make my own gauge (pictured above) that I can wear publicly as a reminder that I am 100% responsible for everything I say, do, and experience. I will not be a victim.

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